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For more than 135 years, Wharton has been the place where visionaries, inventors, and trailblazers get their start. On becoming a Wharton alumni, you will be joining one of the most prestigious business school alumni groups, with more than 100,000 members worldwide in over 130 countries. You will have an opportunity to declare your interest in achieving Wharton alumni status once you have reached certain benchmarks.

Subject to further qualification criteria and additional tuition, the completion of ABAP and a subsequent open-enrollment program puts you on a pathway to apply for Wharton alumni status. Once you qualify for Wharton alumni status, you will be eligible to receive:

  • Full access to become a member of 77+ Wharton alumni clubs
  • Invitation to attend future Wharton global alumni forums
  • A Wharton email address

The procedure to apply for Wharton alumni status after completing the ABAP is as follows.

Step 1

After you complete the six core modules of the Advanced Business Analytics Program (ABAP), you will be eligible to apply for the Leading with Business Analytics Program (LEAP).

Step 2

Declare your interest in LEAP by submitting an application. The criteria for admission to LEAP include:

  • Demonstrated career achievement within chosen profession
  • Profit and loss responsibilities
  • At least 15 years of leadership experience
  • Expansion of cross-functional and/or cross-geographical responsibilities

In addition to application approval, the Admissions Committee may also request that applicants submit a letter of recommendation. If requested, this letter must be written by someone who can attest to your professional achievements and provide additional information about your professional goals.

Step 3

Once you have completed the ABAP, and if you are admitted to LEAP, you will be assigned a Wharton-trained executive coach. You will be required to complete:

  • Two additional Wharton Executive Education open-enrollment programs offered on campus in Philadelphia
  • Six executive coaching sessions

The tuition for LEAP is US$69,000. It includes the coaching fee and up to 10 days of on-campus accommodations in Philadelphia. If you are admitted to LEAP, we will credit the full US$40,000 tuition fee of ABAP that you have already paid toward the cost of LEAP, leaving US$29,000 remaining to be paid. You will have up to 12 months to complete the requirements for LEAP.

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